Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finca Fruicion, Costa Rica 2/3/12

I’m sitting at the Garden Café at Finca Fruicion (*finca means farm) overlooking sacred Chirripo mountain and watching the lizards slither by. It’s a modest dining area, rustic really, yet as I sit writing it feels like luxury in this mountain jungle, complete with bird music. My partner Julio and I wake up every morning to a stunning sunrise across the San Isidro Valley, to yoga in our vista loft, and to a big community breakfast. I’ve been feeling at home here, in this special place, with lots of good energy happening to create this sustainable haven that is destined to be a model for other communities.

As we have travelled this past 1 ½ years in the U.S. and Costa Rica to find our next home, to find the sustainable lifestyle we want, and to find loving spiritual community, we have come upon several special communities. Finca Fruicion is one of them. The owners of the farm, Jason and Alana Thomas Bliss, are visionaries, doers, community-makers, friends of the local farmers, and inspirers. They are creating a home that is meant to be shared with others who resonate with this vision of building community together, with shares of land available for sale so members can live autonomously as well as cooperatively. They are co-creating models for sustainable living such as building with local materials, educating about reforestation, growing their own food, buying from local organic farmers, helping the local economy, and providing a community center called La Ceiba in the city center, which is the hub of the wheel for the mountain dwellers who live here for this type of lifestyle. It’s a gathering place to sip a cup of tea with friends, to listen to music, to have community meetings. We are grateful to Jason and Alana for their generosity in providing this space for us.

Doing Yoga and Building bunkbeds at Finca Fruicion
No one will tell you that living in Costa Rica is easy. What we are discovering is that it is key to have your neighbors be your friends and support, and vice versa. At this time of evolution on our planet, I truly believe this is the most important thing for our health and well-being. Local wisdom is invaluable in getting to know the ropes about everything here. Finca Fruicion is integrated into the village of San Augustin; one of their 3 sons is starting school there this year. They have dear friends and adopted family here. Their lead gardener and maintenance helper Albis is a friend, and his mother cares for 1 ½ yr old Cedar and calls him her grandchild. Jason and Alana are always available to help their village neighbors and San Isidro community whenever possible. They have a lot on their plate, raising children, building a farm, and managing special community and educational projects. They are manifesters, and attract support. People come and go to help the farm, and most are seasonal, which can make the rainy season a bit lonely and challenging, but I’m imagining beautiful in a different way.

Finca Fruicion gardens
We will know when we are ready to settle in Costa Rica, perhaps in another year or two or three. When we are, we will want to settle in a place like Finca Fruicion. We seek a spiritually-minded community where members communicate well, share resources well, care about each other, integrate beautifully with the local community, and take responsibility for their own triggers and challenges. We are grateful to have Jason and Alana and their family as our friends here in Costa Rica.

Gracias, Finca Fruicion.

Julio Morpho

3/1/12 addendum:
 I returned to Finca Fruicion for their Fiesta 2/25, where I played viola in Dennis’ Bhadra Collective band. A small turnout, but great community energy and excellent Tico food by the locals, and so nice to reconnect with our friends at the Finca. We were moved by the tightness, sweetness, and hard-working nature of the family of Albis (Finca Fruicion’s lead maintenance person), who all came out to cook home-grown tilapia and awesome shish kabobs. I also reunited with my Tica sister Lorna who may be living at Finca Fruicion when we return in November!

My gig at the Finca Fruicion Fiesta


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