Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections of Lost Valley

Lost Valley Educational Center has given us a great experience of living in community with awesome people who care for each other and the earth. Being on this beautiful land in the ideal Oregon summer climate has been magical. The sunny flowery meadow will be with me always, and when I close my eyes I will feel the warmth on my body and the soft earth under my feet. When I take a shower, I will visualize being in the solar shower, bathed by the creek warmed by our dear sun, and walking out into the meadow to air dry. When I miss our community here, I will close my eyes and feel the hugs and the smiles, and come into the lodge for hangout time. I will meditate in the sacred yurt with Kule and Justin and others, sending good energy to our dear earth, and I will eat the food with that energy. I will even miss the rains, when the lushness takes over my senses and lulls me into dreamland.

The magical camas meadow

Music with Chris and Melanie

The deer check out Kule's solar cooker site

Our Network for New Culture dome at night
 We enjoyed our tiny Cabin 6 with a kitchen, a hammock on the porch, and the community lodge next door, so we could socialize easily whenever we wanted to, and retreat to ourselves when that felt right. We were so fortunate to have one of our favorite community events (Network for New Culture) come to us at Lost Valley, and we gladly worked hard in August to help make that a success. Being on the Zegg Forum facilitation team was an incredible experience for me and Kule, the workshops were rich, and we enjoyed being co-hosts at our home community.

I am so grateful to Lost Valley for what I have learned here about permaculture, organic gardening, and living in community. I greatly respect what everyone here have done to create a community that works well together, where people take responsibility and there is effective group process for transparency, conflict resolution and making sociocratic decisions. I am grateful to have shared dance, hikes, healthy food, fun, massage, movies, music, meditation, spiritual guide sessions, and sound healing with my friends in Lost Valley and Eugene. I am grateful to have felt support during some challenging times of evolving personally and in relationship with my partner, which has been a beautiful process.

Lost Valley seems to accelerate evolution, so be prepared if you decide to live here! It’s all good!!

There are always challenges living in community, but Lost Valley has taught me that it is a way of life that greatly appeals to me. We have been guided to move to Ashland for many personal and business reasons, and our hearts will always be with Lost Valley. We’ll be back for visits, and we welcome visits in Ashland as well!
Massage fun in the sacred yurt

Hanging with Ava

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